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Adventures in resin Adventures in resin Nevermore Inspired by my friend Heather's lil girl who is only 7 years old and had a copy of Edgar Allen Poe's book The Raven in her backpack 166431439 Willow I used to pass several willow trees on my way to school in Ireland for 15 years, one of my favorites! 166431440 Pink! One for my mummy-in-law Lynn, the pinkest lady I know! 166431441 World View I have an obsession with maps and love to collect them, especially old ones, sadly I had to leave many behind during the move from Wales but I hope to find more 166431442 Tick Tock A nod to steampunk, such a fun genre! 166431443 T-Time It is always time for tea, growing up in Ireland, tea was the answer to all of life's problems 166431444 Gearing-up! Layer and layers of adorable lil watch gears, I love all things small and intricate 166431445 More Birthdays! Another one for Lynn - a strong survivor 166431446